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    Hey everyone, hopefully I can find some help here to recover functional use of my N8013.

    When I first bought the tablet I rooted and tossed on a ROM and it worked just fine. After awhile though I stopped using the tab and it went into my technology closet to sit for a few months as the community really wasn't developing anything for the model and it seemed kinda dead. Horrible I know.

    Today I decided to take her out and fiddle some more with it to see what's around only to find it not capable of starting.

    The charger broke but I was able to salvage the USB cord. Before I could plug it into a USB port on my desktop and it'd work just fine. I could also plug it into my phone charger and it'd charge just fine. Now when I'm trying to charge it I get a battery symbol with the clock and empty which then turns into a distorted screen with the yellow caution symbol but there's something horribly wrong. I've been able to get into my recovery which is old and I can't do anything as it dies out right after and the issue repeats.

    I'm aiming right now to just restore functionality to my device and will reroot/flash a ROM later after I do that. Just wanted to check if its an issue with the charger or if I somehow broke the device. I'll attach a screenshot of the issue

    04-30-2014 11:33 AM
  2. LimperGrunt's Avatar
    Please close, I solved this by swapping out charging cables and plugging it into the wall versus the charger, after it got some charge I updated everything and flashed a new ROM. Works like new :-)

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    05-05-2014 10:33 AM

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