1. tsanchai's Avatar
    Yesterday, my Note10+ prompted me during startup of the phone, and download LED Cover app automatically. After updated to version 1.1.45, the LED Cover start to function abnormally

    1. LED display on the cover is garbled and do not display numbers or icons properly, see picture. But it still sanction when there is an incoming call, SMS, or when I plug in charger, but the display is unreadable and garbled.

    2. On incoming call, swipe to accept or reject call stop working

    3. when close the flap, phone screen stop, and start when open the flap, this is still ok

    i have reset all settings, clear cache partition, clear data and cache in LED Cover and LED Cover Servoce, reboot, but the problem still persist

    indownloade LED Cover apk version 1.12.25 for APKMirror but Note 10 do not allow me to install.

    so LED Cover become nothing useful. Any friend here know what go wrong, and experience similar problem?

    help pleaseLED view Cover not working properly after updated to LED cover 1.1.45 on Note10+-af8671ef-a8ac-43a2-bc30-8f873dfae85d.jpg
    05-12-2020 06:06 AM
  2. tsanchai's Avatar
    The apk I downloaded is LED Cover 1.12.25 but when I install on my Note10+, App not installed pop up. I have tried to use ADB command to delete the LED Cover 1.11.45 on my Note 10+ but cannot do that. Access is denied. I don’t want to root my Note10+ because doing so will void warranty.
    05-12-2020 06:09 AM
  3. James Light1's Avatar
    I have the same problem. did you find a solution?
    10-17-2020 04:19 PM

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