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    This is very annoying. I happen to take a lot of pictures that need to be quickly labeled and there is nothing more infuriating than accidentally drawing on the screen when trying to pan or zoom in, or simply resting my hand on the screen while I write. SO annoying, and stupid! What was samsung thinking? Also, when editing a picture they inconveinently placed the "write" button right on the edge of the screen. Literally, it is sitting on the edge and makes it very hard to open drawing tools when I need to. I bought this phone for work related use, like most people did. Why did they put the buttons for filters, brightness, and stickers before the drawing tools? Atleast offer the ability to customize the tool tray instead of assuming that I am a teenage girl with no real job that makes selfies with stickers all day.

    This app is literally designed for teenagers, like most mainstream apps these days.

    Anyways, because of these issues I am looking for an alternative photo editor that I can use to take pictures (like Samsung Gallery), but has the option to ignore touch input when using the s-pen, and is made for productivity use like Xodo. I can't find any app that offers that S-Pen ability so I am asking here.

    Thank you
    01-15-2022 05:54 PM

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