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    I have a dilemma I hope someone can help me solve. It's a two-fold problem.

    1. I would like to be able to assign a unique tone to a single notification. Example: I get notifications from work, at all hours. They come in the form - alert@XXXX.net . It's not important what the tone is, just that it's specific to the example shown.

    2. Once the above is accomplished, for times when I'm sleeping, I would like to be able to silence all ringers and notifications except for the above, alert@XXXX.net

    3. In a perfect world I would like to easily turn this off and on for those days that I'm not working.

    I'm guessing it's pretty easy to do, I just haven't been able to figure it out.
    For what it's worth I have a Note 10+, all updates completed.

    BTW - I have also posted a separate question on how to unlink my ringer from my notifications.
    10-02-2022 10:49 AM
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    I'm assuming these are coming as text messages, or are they actual emails?

    If a text message - once the 'thread' is established (the first one arrives) you can set a tone for that particular thread. At least with the Pixel devices using the Google contacts app there is no method to set a text tone by contact.

    In email - you'll need an email client (presumably one approved by your employer for handling work-related email if this is a work-associated email box that you're monitoring) that can send a specific notification tone based on the sender.

    To silence all ringers except this one - use DnD while sleeping, then add this sender as a contact and add it to favorites, with DnD set to allow favorites to ring through. But this only works for text messages, may not work for emails.
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    10-02-2022 01:40 PM
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    10-02-2022 10:02 PM

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