1. vlfifthdawnlv's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Has anyone used this program and how was experience? I'm seeing reviews about people sending their phone back in good condition but they said it is no longer working and only got a 25.00 credit and was still responsible for remaining balance.

    Of course I'm sure these are small numbers but was JW.

    I'm with Tmobile and my option is either just JOD to the new Note 10 or I can try Samsungs upgrade program.

    1st - The advantage of Samsung's upgrade problem is theres no down payment. I'm with Tmobile for 10 years+ and is tenured. Usually they waive the down payment but after Note 8 I think when the phones got pricier, it's very hit or miss. Sometimes the agent would still charge the 150.00 down payment in addition to monthly, sometimes they dont.

    With the Samsung, it seems they just charge the monthly.

    2nd - I can choose the blue color by ordering unlocked.

    What are your experiences for those who have tried it.
    08-08-2019 02:00 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    If your credit is rated 'Excellent', the down payment for JOD is 89 dollars for the plus base (256GB) model. Zero for the base Note 10.

    I've traded stuff in with Samsung for my brother and sister and we have had that problem (sometimes they're just way too picky... my brother's phone was rejected because the INSIDE of the charging port was scratched). Fortunately now you CAN get the trade-in device back (and return the new one, although you'll be dinged for the re-stocking fee). You can also do an in-person trade-in at BestBuy (much more reliable and/or easy to know right then and there) and get the Blue version. However, the trade-in bonus offered in Bestbuy vs Samsung directly is about 100 bucks different this time around.

    But if you're certain your current phone is in perfect condition (and I'd document it with pictures and video showing that it powers on and charges before sending it), then you shouldn't have an issue. In any case, IF they do reject it, they send you pictures of the defect and you can appeal the decision or ask for the device back.
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    08-08-2019 02:08 PM
  3. saffy77's Avatar
    Hi, I've done it a few times now:
    - Twice for my daughter (S8 to S9 - and v recently S9 to S10), and
    - Once for me (Note 8 to Note 9)

    So I've returned 3 phones to them now via the upgrade programme, and absolutely fine each time.

    Just make sure to return the phone by special delivery (I'm in UK - not sure if you are, or not - so basically the delivery method which insures your phone in case of loss or damage in transit) - and all should be fine!

    Have to say that my daughter and I are incredibly meticulous in taking care of our phones - always straight in a case and screen protector on screen. But I wouldn't worry if there are light scratches and the phone is working.

    Just seen SpookDroid's response above - I was going to say exactly the same thing about taking photos of your phones before returning them. I've done this before, just for proof if ever needed. But doing a video as well if you're able to, as Spook says above, is definitely worth doing too.
    08-08-2019 02:26 PM

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