1. pauly814's Avatar
    Does MST only work with Samsung Pay? Or do other apps on a Samsung device that has this tech, have access to it?

    For example would Google Pay be able to use MST or only NFC on the Samsung Note 10+?

    And would there be any reason/advantage to use google pay instead of Samsung Pay?
    08-22-2019 09:20 PM
  2. miamiborn79's Avatar
    I can only answer the second part, since I've never used Google Pay, but Samsung Pay offers lots of incentives, rewards, and freebies both for local businesses and in general. It's always been super smooth and I've never had any issues with any retailers. For that reason alone I've never had any reason to stray. I just got a Samsung store credit for $10 just for checking into a t-mobile store during the preorder as just one example.
    08-22-2019 09:47 PM
  3. prissysox's Avatar
    It's proprietary to Samsung. No other careless payment services will use it.
    08-22-2019 09:47 PM
  4. buzzy3970's Avatar
    LG does it as well on their G8. Although they call theirs WMC technology which has the functionality. Samsung pay is still far superior with all of the financial institutions it supports.
    08-23-2019 07:14 AM
  5. bhatech's Avatar
    It's a feature of Samsung pay not the device itself. On Samsung devices, only Samsung pay can use both MST and NFC payments. If you want to use Google pay then you can only make NFC payments just like Google pay on any other non Samsung device.
    08-23-2019 09:46 AM

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