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    I had the Note 9 for a year and except for the curved edges, was fantastic

    Hitting 12 hours with the Black Note 10+ 512 Verizon model. Observations:

    -Display is so big, the punch hole is not an issue
    -Display is amazing and even better than the N9
    -The N10+ in power saver mode is faster than the N9 when not in power saver mode
    -Signal reception seems the same
    -Audio quality from the USB C is the same the N9- which is great- Still, no 3.5 jack sucks.
    -Bluetooth quality and range seems at least as good as the N9 (for bluetooth is is great)
    -Speakers sound a little better than the N9
    -The corners and edges are less curved- that and the extra portrait width IMO makes a big difference for content. Simply put, curved corners and edges don't work well for media designed for flat displays.
    -Very smooth, but then again so was the N9
    -Low light pics are better than the N9

    Since the N10+ has a faster display and bigger chipset, but only 7.5% bigger battery, I'll be happy if battery life is the same as the N9, which for me was great.
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    08-23-2019 10:39 PM

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