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    Hey folks.

    Anybody got any good suggestions on insurance in the UK (I know some people swear against it, but I feel I need the peace of mind.)

    I’m coming from Apple where I had Apple Care + which was pretty good if ever I had any problems and I felt secure. I’ve just moved back from the US where you were able to purchase Samsung’s equivalent on the phone, post-purchase, but it appears they don’t offer that in the UK unless you buy direct from them online (I did buy from Samsung, but at their store in the UK.)

    So I’m guessing third party.

    Anyone have any recommendations from actual experience of who’s good and who is to avoid.

    What I’m looking for is something where, if God forbid, I break it or smash the screen or whatever, I can get it fixed/replaced instantly - or at least within 24 hours. Not the kind of policy where you have to send it off and be phoneless for God-knows-how-long while they fix and ship it back.

    Thanks all
    08-24-2019 05:16 AM

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