1. Johnston212's Avatar
    So I recently got to play around with the demo Note 10+ at my local Target.

    It's a very pretty phone and I prefer the hole punch in the center, even though it is a mostly worthless waste of screen space.

    Very quick and responsive with a beautiful screen.

    Size isn't too bad, though the screen does make me worry about drops.

    It's a very nice and overpriced phone. It could be a great phone, but it's not.
    09-12-2019 04:35 AM
  2. j_hansen's Avatar
    I think it is a GREAT phone and very fair priced :-)
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    09-12-2019 05:01 AM
  3. toenail_flicker's Avatar
    I think it is a GREAT phone and very fair priced :-)

    agreed, and the camera makes it worth the extra to me. the only thing that could be better would be if the images were tiff instead of jpg/with jpg. not sure how doable that is on a phone cam though.
    09-12-2019 05:13 AM
  4. Serkle K's Avatar
    If you have to buy the phone outright, and don't have the option to trade in a qualifying device, then yes, it is a bit pricey. Otherwise, with a trade in, the phone can be the same price or cheaper than the Note8 was when it came out. If you're able to buy it from a Microsoft store, they have a really good trade-in deal. For example, if you trade in a Note8 you can get $450 credit on the spot. S10+ and last year's iPhone will get you $650 trade I'm credit. So the phone is only about $500. I think that is a helluva deal for such a nice device.
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    09-12-2019 05:27 AM
  5. o4liberty's Avatar
    With the 600 trade in it's a great priced phone and it's the best phone on the market to date IMHO. The note is blazing fast with an awesome screen like no other Samsung did a great job.
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    09-12-2019 05:34 AM
  6. pool_shark's Avatar
    It's definitely overpriced.
    I don't think the screen should make you worry about drips more than any other curved screen.
    09-12-2019 05:46 AM

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