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    Recently switched from my S10+ 1TB over to a Note 10+ 512GB, while everything was pretty smooth the Samsung Pay is acting all jacked up... I've never once had a issue with Samsung Pay, ever, now since i have this Note 10+ i have went to pay with Samsung Pay and the card icon has been gone, then i search for Samsung Pay within the apps and it acts like i have never used it before and wants me to agree to terms and set it all back up again. This happened last week, i re added all my cards and thought it was a fluke, then this AM i went to go pay for something and all my cards were gone again and it wanted me to re set up Samsung Pay.
    I can't stand trying to open a ticket with Samsung support either, they are so scripted and all they want you to do is wipe the phone, it takes me forever to set up my phones since i have tons of apps, usernames, passwords etc... Anyone else seeing this type of issue?
    09-12-2019 11:24 AM

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