1. mach1man's Avatar
    So if I swipe down to get to the quick access panel like wifi, auto rotate, flash light, I tap on the icon like wifi to disconnect or connect it makes me unlock the phone for the action to go through! Is there a way to disable that? I feel like if I'm just using quick action toggles I shouldn't need to unlock my phone. Is there a setting I'm missing some where
    09-21-2019 06:20 AM
  2. mach1man's Avatar
    I figured it out..... After going through all the settings again I found one that said lock wifi, location and connections will help if phone is lost or stolen. That was set to on
    09-21-2019 06:47 AM
  3. Galactic Zoo's Avatar
    A lock screen is a lock screen without any exceptions, otherwise it wouldn't be making your phone secure so I'm afraid the answer is it's not possible.
    09-21-2019 06:56 AM

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