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    will a liquid or glass screen protector hinder the finger print lock on the screen?
    10-14-2019 11:46 PM
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    10-14-2019 11:53 PM
  3. mustang7757's Avatar
    From what I heard in the forums no , but doesn't offer much protection.
    10-14-2019 11:54 PM
  4. anon(7901790)'s Avatar
    To the original question: No. It shouldn't hinder the FPS. I don't recommend using one either, because it doesn't truly add protection beyond scratch resistance. Because of how it adheres to the screen (effectively becoming part of the screen), it won't provide additional protection from screen cracking. A glass or plastic screen protector directs the force of the drop or blow away from the screen by breaking. Kind of like how race cars are designed to come apart in a crash to direct the energy of the crash away from the driver.
    10-15-2019 05:05 PM
  5. bandofbrothers2112's Avatar
    I'm using the Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector on my N10+ 5G and it does not hinder my fps.

    When I fitted it I followed a good tip which is to gently press on the fps area after the first curing with the UV lamp and then second cure.
    10-16-2019 12:25 AM

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