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    I wanted to get a Note 10+ with part of my year end bonus so I was shopping around. I found out Microsoft was giving up to $400 off with a trade-in but you had to go to the MS store because they have to verify condition to qualify. That was the best trade-in deal I could find so I made an appointment (needed for the trade-in evaluation). When I got there I was told my Note 9 was worthy of the $400 trade-in but also I was going to get a Active 2 watch and my choice of a Samsung Rapid Stand Charger or a Samsung Duo charger. So for a limited time I got a Note 10+, an Active 2 watch and a Charger for $699 plus tax. Just making you guys aware!
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    12-10-2019 10:31 AM
  2. NYCMetsPDX's Avatar
    Nice Deal! Thanks for the heads up on this one, MS store does have some good deals, and they honor price drops too. I bought my phone in mid October but they still honored the $200 off deal they were (I think it's now $100 off) running in November, no hassle.

    Enjoy the new phone and all those accessories!
    12-10-2019 12:36 PM
  3. bhatech's Avatar
    Yep I got mine during the black Friday sale but Microsoft store is great place to buy stuff. They are very friendly and easy to deal with exchanges, price adjustments etc. I got mine during the black Friday sale with $200 off and free Galaxy buds. I wish the offer was free Galaxy watch active 2 and $200 off
    12-10-2019 12:47 PM

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