1. EndymionXT's Avatar
    What cases is this screen protector compatible with?

    I currently have this case on my phone and i'm not sure if the screen protector will be compatible with it.


    ESR Mimic Series 9H Tempered-Glass Back Cover, Scratch-Resistant, Flexible TPU Bumper, Hybrid Case
    08-21-2019 05:59 PM
  2. MikeAnubis's Avatar
    I'm surprised that this has yet to be discussed as I'm also looking at what case to get that's compatible with the Whitestone Dome when i eventually get the note 10. I'm not sure about the case listed above but based on the experience my current device (Note 8), Most Spigen cases should be compatible with the whitestone dome. I've also tried UAG Monarch series, Otterbox Commuter and symmetry series & Tech 21 cases are a great option as well.

    Keep in mind of course that if it's a tight fit and has little gap between the case and the screen, you'll want to avoid dropping the phone as the impact will be enough to lift the screen causing air bubbles.

    At this stage, i was able to find this clip below regarding ringke cases which have also been a popular choice in the past although some models won't be compatible.

    Let's just hope that we get some more info as more people get their hands on the device. Hope this helps.
    08-25-2019 05:28 PM
  3. Serkle K's Avatar
    I'm using the Caseology Skyfall case with the whitestone dome on the N10+ and so far it is great! I had this same combination on my Note8 and both the case and the screen saved my phone multiple times!
    08-25-2019 09:51 PM
  4. bandofbrothers2112's Avatar
    The last time I checked admittedly a while ago on the Whitestone Dome page there was a compatibility page to highlight cases that played nice with their protector.

    I have the Samsung Black Leather clip on case and that will not hinder the protector.
    08-25-2019 11:56 PM
  5. notefreak's Avatar
    It works with my Encased Rebel. It is a very precise fit so I was a bit worried it would push it off, but it didn't. On top of it it has the best curved edge protection.
    08-29-2019 12:35 AM
  6. Serkle K's Avatar
    I was just checking the reviews on Amazon for the iBlason Ares case, and someone said they have it with the N10+ and the whitestone dome screen protector. I wish o could see pictures of it. I may just buy it and return it if it doesn't work.
    08-29-2019 11:06 PM

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