1. trucksmoveamerica#AC's Avatar
    Is there a difference between these 2 cables besides price? Any reason to spend $25 more.

    Here's a link for the off brand. Says 3.1. Anyone have a cheap solution like the cheaper one that works, I'm open. Looking at wanting to watch movies from phone to projectors or televisions.

    QGeeM USB C to HDMI 4K Cable 6FT Braided Cable with 15W Charger Type c to HDMI Adapter Compatible with MacBook 2018 iPad Pro,iMac,ChromeBook Pixel,Galaxy S9 Note9 S10 Surface Book Pro,HDMI to USB C https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RWY76DK...cUvbUpU6640856
    09-12-2019 12:36 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    With Samsung, the HDMI cable has to match the phone - Samsung has been known to move MHL to different pins on different phones. So if you have a Note 10, look for a cable that specifies Note 10.

    Other than that, I've found that braided cables usually use better quality connectors than Samsung does - and for a lower price. (I have a box full of Samsung cable - I use my braided cables.)
    09-12-2019 01:15 PM
  3. jrsharp70's Avatar
    my experience is that, when it comes to DeX accessories, you should always use Samsung branded items made for DeX. Otherwise, it is a crap shoot.
    09-13-2019 08:47 PM
  4. arunma's Avatar
    In my experience, cable quality does matter, but you don't necessarily need Samsung-branded cables. I have two off-brand USB-C to HDMI cables which I use as DeX cables. One works all the time and on every monitor, the other is a little flaky and fails to work on some monitors and TVs (fortunately it works on my monitor at home, which is why I'm using it for DeX as I type this post). So I could certainly believe that many people have bought cables that didn't work with DeX.

    The reliable cable I mentioned above is made by Cable Matters. It's on Amazon for $16.9, same as the QGeeM one you're considering:
    09-21-2019 04:31 PM

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