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    So i dont usually buy cheap stuff... But this time ill make an exception as my friend is selling it in Indonesia. So my friend offered me a pair of Wireless Earbuds called the SoundPEATS Truepods for USD$43.At first i laughed, he laughed, we both laughed... Then he proceeded to say, i can give it a try, if i didnt like it i can give it back.

    So after an hour, the earbuds arrived. The packing honestly doesnt look fancy like the Galaxy Buds or Sony WF-1000XM3. But i mean for USD$43 its not bad. I opened the box and there sits the charging case with the earbuds inside. Included in the box is a USB-C charging cable and 1 set of L size earpiece(the 1 attached to the earbuds is the M size).

    Pairing the earbuds is easy, like any other earbuds, just remove both and search for it in the bluetooth settings on your phone.

    I put it on my ears and open Spotify and im shocked. They sound decent. Not as good as what my friend told me. But instead of complaining, i tried using Samsung Music instead, and played a FLAC file. And the sound is way better. The bass is a bit overkill, the treble is just nice but the vocals at times get covered by the bass.

    Connection between my N10+ and the Truepods works seamlessly well, no disconnections or stuttering. Reconnecting is very easy as well, just like the Galaxy Buds.

    So the bottom line is that for under USD$50,im pretty sure these are hard to beat. (ill update the photos soon).
    Attached Thumbnails SoundPEATS Truepods-20191215_002557.jpg   SoundPEATS Truepods-20191215_002610.jpg   SoundPEATS Truepods-20191215_002620.jpg   SoundPEATS Truepods-20191215_002627.jpg  
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    12-13-2019 10:42 PM
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    Only $28.99 on Amazon in the US.
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    12-13-2019 11:32 PM
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    Only $28.99 on Amazon in the US.
    Thats nice. Costs less than most Premium Cases...
    12-13-2019 11:45 PM

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