1. littlerock72202's Avatar
    So I typically use the slim case for my phone but I was drawn to this case because it is able to redirect audio to the front of the phone and The "click-i-ness" of the buttons .
    Rugged Aluminum Case with clear back for Note 10+-note-10-plus-case.jpg

    I like thin cases that show off my phone, I'm super careful with my phones and I rarely have a need for extra military grade protection.
    With that in mind, this case is great!
    It is for the times I go somewhere that I feel I need the protection, this will be my go to case. Ballgames, concerts, outdoor events, etc.
    It looks good and feels good and provides a lot of confidence against drops and other unforeseen events.
    Buttons are perfectly clicky and the cutouts are good too.

    Installing the case can be difficult at first but once you figure it out it get easier each time.

    The plastic back is great to see my phone, but I'm a little concerned that it will get all scratched up. Time will tell for that and I plan on finding out as I will use this case consistently for particular occasions.

    Almost forgot to mention that the redirected bottom speaker feature is also pretty good. Very well implemented and it sounds good.

    And you can find a video review here :

    You can have it from Amazon for $24.98 dollars, I think it is a great price!
    Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...cUvbUpU6716346
    Attached Thumbnails Rugged Aluminum Case with clear back for Note 10+-note-10-plus-case.jpg  
    01-02-2020 10:42 AM
  2. ziyuel's Avatar
    I also have this case!

    This case has a great design backed up with quality. This is a well thought out case from it's style and design that'll give you great protection. It's up there with OtterBox protection but with style. It's a two layered case that has a frame that gets placed over the phone then put inside the main part of the case. Once I had the phone and frame installed until the main part of the case I was immediately impressed. The texture of the main case has a perfect texture for a great grip. The buttons have the perfect tactile reaction when pushed. All the cutouts are right on and even pushes the sound up and to the front instead of it firing downward. The USB C port and S-Pen port are very accessable. As a die-hard android enthusiast, I noticed the cool android logo on the back. It also has some attractive mixture of coloring around the the clear tempered glass back.
    The protection that this case gives is ridiculous. I could tell immediately that this can handle a decent drop and I would not have to worry about the phone being damaged one bit. The front has plenty of a raised lip that the screen is safe. The plastic back is raised above the camera so that is safe too. I rarely do case reviews but this one I definitely needed share my thoughts. A+++ I highly recommend!
    01-02-2020 02:13 PM
  3. TheMiz's Avatar
    I happen to have the same case, it arrived just today

    I have to say I like the tight fit even if it was a bit of a struggle to seal it right.

    I have a Toyota Avalon and really had no place to lay the phone flat until now this slim case is just perfect for my needs

    01-03-2020 01:34 PM

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