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    Hello all,

    I am new to the Android family and have just bought my first Android phone the AT&T Note 2. At home and about town in the states the phone is phenomenal, so far I am loving Android, except for the minor flaw of it not having global proxy permissions for all apps.

    I am on a corporate network which uses a proxy with authentication, and also has some sites blocked of course, facebook, pandora, etc. I know that you probably tire of the endless comparisons of iphone to Android, but by setting up my iphone and hitting a proxy app I could use the facebook app, magic jack, pandora, or whatever.

    I have rooted the Note 2 running JB 4.1.2, and have installed ProxyDroid and BusyBox. I assumed by putting in the info of the proxy into ProxyDroid would connect it automatically. I have had some success some apps would work intermittently like skype and whatsapp, but the playstore and most of the other apps will not connect. I can surf the web, under restrictions of course, with Opera Mobile because I entered the proxy info directly into the app.

    Now to the meat of things:

    The WiFi settings are as follows:
    No Certificates
    Correct Identity
    No Anonymous Identity
    Correct Password
    Proxy settings Manual
    Proxy Port: 80
    No Bypass
    IP: DHCP
    the security is 802.1x EAP

    ProxyDroid Settings:
    Host: blahblahproxy800.corp.company.com
    Port: 80
    Proxy type: HTTPS
    Auto Connect ON
    BOUND to network SSID
    Authentication on
    Correct User
    Correct PW
    NTLM Authentication ON
    Domain: corp.company.com
    Global Proxy ON
    DNS Proxy ON

    I know that rubbish up there is a lot of information, but I am a complete noob in the world of Android. I can give the settings that I have in the Iphone to connect if you need them, but if you have any experience with it you know that it is extremely easy to set up. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Is there something missing in my setup? Do I need to add anything else app or settings wise? Or do I just have to accept it and leave my shiny new note as a paper weight until I go on days off, and use the Iphone while I am here?

    Thank you all in advance for you help on this and the help that you gave me while I was stalking the boards getting info on how to root.

    04-01-2013 02:43 AM

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