1. Lindsay Pollard's Avatar
    hi , i need help.... in my file manager i have both extsd 0/emulated and internal storage ...they both have mostly the same files except some are empty one and full in the other. my question is i'm trying to clean it up... do i move everything to sdcard0 or to the storage ...or how do i start all over so i can get my storage space back. i do have a custom rom, and just update TWRP.
    04-13-2013 05:07 PM
  2. Snacko's Avatar
    Did you move your apps to your external sd card? Is that why you have folders there?

    AFAIK, if a folder is empty the app was probably uninstalled or moved. So empty folders can be deleted.

    So, you are just trying to get space back on your external sd card? You could back up your apps using Titanium Backup and copy them to your pc. Then format your SD Card?
    04-14-2013 02:17 PM

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