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    Hey guys. I'm really hoping that someone can help me here. I have an n7100 and a couple days ago it started freezing and apps weren't loading when I clicked them. It got worse when it was taking multiple reboots to get booted up at all. Now today, it won't get past the Samsung logo and I don't have a recovery image or firmware on the phone's memory. I have AllianceRom 3.1 installed and have CWM Touch recovery. I get an error that that my external memory can't be mounted and I don't really use adb much. Is there a way to mount the internal memory so I can transfer a firmware from my pc and completely wipe my phone with a new custom firmware? Do I have SDS or could this be fixable? Any help at all is totally appreciated. Thanks.
    08-03-2013 11:32 PM

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