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    Hi folks, so basically this is my first time messing with mod cons android style ect.

    i have this prototype n7105 i will include pics, and the spen wasnt the way i wanted it and someone old me to flash the stock rom using odin to get it back to fresh install.

    that failed and has left it trying to recover either in download mode or emergency recovery mode.its either com port error or write failed which is what i was getting left it for some time but now trying to resolve the issue.

    any light shed would be greatfully appreciated. and a donation will be made as a good will gesture.

    Attached Thumbnails galaxy note 2 n7105 concept soft bricked-image0082.jpg   galaxy note 2 n7105 concept soft bricked-image0083.jpg   galaxy note 2 n7105 concept soft bricked-image0084.jpg   galaxy note 2 n7105 concept soft bricked-note-2.jpg  
    08-06-2013 12:35 PM
  2. jaankaan's Avatar
    ok ive repartitioned and flashed it and its alright apart from the menu and back keys dont work any ideas... anyone?
    08-08-2013 10:52 AM

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