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    I'll recap my posts from XDA since no one there was able to help me solve my issue 100%.

    I had an XEF (France) ROM, which I thought was XSG (UAE) since I live in the UAE.
    it was DME6 with DMF1 as baseband.
    everything was fine until I accidently flashed an S3 ROM on my Note 2. (GT-N7100)
    Then I downloaded a Stock rom , which apparently was 4.1 instead of 4.1.2 which I had installed.
    so it got into a loop at SAMSUNG logo,

    So I got the DME6 ROM and flashed it. Everything was fine until I started getting no signals, not just that, I also got unknown IMEI/EFS/CP. so I restored my backed up EFS, and it worked. but it seems that everytime I restart I loose my EFS, and I have to restore again.

    So I searched for my baseband and it is DME4. I got an DMF1 one which I thought would work. it did fix the IMEI, but the same EFS problem occurred. So I got the UAE (XSG) modem DLK7 and the signal works, Baseband is DLK7 instead of DMF1 , but that's no big deal. my IMEI now is 0049**..etc IMEI, and I hate that cuz it may cause problems.

    so now I have 2 options:
    -Correct Baseband/Modem with a working IMEI.
    -Wrong Baseband but Working, with a Wrong non Working IMEI.

    any help guys?

    I'm thinking about getting a Downgrade then using OTA updates. but I'm stuck at getting modified status. I can't downgrade to 4.1 as I get a loop. and the 4.1.2 ROMs all have the Triangle Away fix. so what I wanna do is just unroot my phone with no Root Traces, reset my binary to 0, then perform an OTA update in hopes to fix that error, in case it didn't fix it, then I will send it under warranty to get fixed.

    09-04-2013 02:38 PM

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