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    Hey, I really need some desperate help.
    So I have a Canadian Note 2, SGH-I317.
    It has no SIM card inside it, and it is just connected to wifi.

    I have flashed 2 Custom ROMS before on this phone.

    The first one, was a 4.4.2 Homemade t0lte ROM.
    It worked fine for about a week, but then I started to have this big problem.

    After I plugged in my friends charger at her house, (a Samsung Note tablet charger) then this problem started shortly after I left her house:

    When I leave the phone alone, it will go to sleep automatically like every other phone. Then, when I press any button which wakes the phone, the touch screen is unresponsive, and the phone since no input is coming in, goes back to sleep and doesn't turn on again until after a while, where it will boot back on itself and start working until randomly out of chance (chance meaning atleast once every 1 - 4 hours) it will do the same thing again. It's getting really annoying and starting to be destructive, as it stops important conversations and other stuff.

    I initially thought it was the homemade ROM.

    So, I changed the ROM. Now I'm using a better one, and it's called W03 Slim v9 t0lte, and it's 4.4.2 and works good.
    I was not seeing any problems up until a few hours after the install of the new ROM, and the problem which I thought had been removed was still persistent. Now, its even more often than the old homemade ROM. Just before posting this, it has happened twice in the matter of 1 hour, and it's just getting on my final nerve.

    I'm not sure if this is a key factor, but after it goes to sleep, I still see the visible white pixels of the 4.4.2 shutoff effect.

    My final thoughts are that it might be the battery, but I have no idea how to get a replacement for that, and how much they cost.
    Obviously I can't send it in because the warranty was voided when I flashed the custom ROM.

    I really need a solution, and ultimately I could wipe everything and go back to the stock ROM, but that, in my scenario would be a last case scenario.


    NOTE: Just found out that when I turn it on, and the touch screen is unresponsive, the S pen works with the phone, and the back and menu button doesn't work. But, all physical buttons do. The physical home button works, but all the rest except the S pen works. So I can navigate the phone unless it goes into sleep mode, in that case no matter what I press, nothing will make it come up unless it reboots.
    03-24-2014 09:48 PM

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