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    Hello all I've not been following the note to hard but did see it had a huge removable battery which is sweet.

    I'm rocking the Verizon s3 right now and get great battery life which I believe is from the processor working well with lte. How will the quad core stack up will it also be working together with lte nicely so we it last longer? I will be upgrading either way because it works out better for me and a friend who wants my s3 but doesn't want to loose unlimited data. Take care!

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    09-15-2012 08:11 PM
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    Talking about battery life is useless until there are review units out there, and even then, besides standardized battery tests, it just depends too much on an individuals usage and on the coverage the user experiences with his carrier. A person who is living in a roaming zone for his carrier is going to have terrible battery life. A person who plays games all day long will have battery life no matter what the device.

    The screen is about the same as the Galaxy Note, the quad core exynos is supposed to be more efficient than the old dual core that was in the Note 1 International version, and probably better than that pokey S3 that was in the AT&T version. You get 600 more mAh, but you have to deal with LTE. We don't know just how much the more efficient processor offsets the added strain of LTE. We don't know if the slightly larger screen using slightly different technology uses more or less power than the one in the Note. Too many unknows.... And in my book, comparing the battery life of the Note to the Note 2 is smarter than comparing it to the GS3, especially since the US GS3 has a smaller screen, smaller battery, and a totally different processor.
    09-16-2012 03:55 PM

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