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    Are you ready for the next big thing as Samsung likes to call it. Surely youve seen their commercials showing just how awesome the Galaxy S III is while everyone waits in line for the iPhone 5. Today however theyve started sending out those casual save the date invites for October 24th where well all see whats truly the next big thing with the Galaxy Note II for the US. The Galaxy Note II was announced earlier this month with great excitement. After the original Note sold over 10 million units this Note II is a sure success. Coming with upgrades across the board, Jelly Bean out of the box and more this smartphone looks exciting.

    The invite doesnt specifically say Galaxy Note II, but that S-Pen stylus pretty much confirms it. Add to the fact that Samsung announced their new Note will be arriving late October, early November for 5 major US carriers that is what we all know is coming on the 24th of October.

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