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    I am really wanting to go ahead and get the unlocked international version. But I need some answers first, and you guys know a lot more than me. First, will the international version have 4G here in the US if I have AT&? Also, i have an iphone 5, will that sim card work in the Note 2? Are there any pro/cons for getting an unlocked international version over the regular one that comes out in November? Thanks guys.
    10-08-2012 12:56 PM
  2. planoman's Avatar
    You will have HSPA+ not LTE. It is commonly referred to as faux G or 3.5 G. It is faster than 3G but well below AT&T's speed for LTE. Here in DFW I have received speeds of 4 to 8 mbps down versus 30+ down for LTE.

    The SIM with the iphone 5 is a nano SIM and not compatible with the micro SIM for the Galaxy Note. You may be about to get an adapter but I have always felt a bit uneasy about using an adapter with my OG Galaxy Note with my SGSIII micro SIM card.

    In previous Galaxy models on ATT if you wanted LTE you did not have the exynos processor. SOme who did not have LTE in their area and wanted the exynos, bought the International model. Beginning with the Galaxy Note 2 you will be able to have both the new exynos AND LTE in the same phone. No real reason (My Opinion) to get the International version that I can see especially if you have LTE or trvel to areas that do have it
    10-08-2012 07:14 PM

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