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    Just to fan the flames of anticipation with a caveat that I have no solid proof any Verizon release schedule for the Galaxy Note II. Anyway, here's my opinion/speculation on the factors influencing the Note II Verizon release: 1) We know that Verizon (and every other carrier for that matter + Google to boot) has a crowded Q3/ Q4 release list that includes a. Galaxy Note II b. HTC 5" Phablet (Butterfly J/HTC Deluxe/Whatever) c. LG Blaze (LG Optimus G/Google Nexus G or 4 or whatever) d. Motorola M, HD and HD Max e. Ipad 4 and Mini f. Iphone 2) If history is any lesson, Verizon will push almost all marketing efforts into a single "signature" phone on which it has launch exclusivity. 3) Phones not exclusive to Verizon will get little to no marketing effort and may even receive a "stealth" launch. Remember the Galaxy Nexus debacle? I had to actually ask my local Verizon store for the phone on launch date and was still given the Razr dog and pony show before they would sell me one. I therefore speculate that the HTC 5" will be the "signature" phablet for the Holiday season if it's exclusive to Verizon alone (all bets are off if this phone is released as a Nexus phone by Google). This will mean the Note 2 will get little to no push by Verizon. Verizon will also not want to cut into sales of the HTC phablet by releasing both phones within two weeks of each other. So. Verizon will either sell the Note 2 very soon after the Samsung US coming out party tonight or will push the release date until mid-December after premiering the HTC phablet around Thanksgiving weekend. Furthermore, it's completely possible the Note 2 may only be sold on-line through Verizon's website and not in stores. Again, this is all pure speculation and I would welcome any assenting/contrasting arguments from other Verizon customers looking to get the Note 2.
    10-24-2012 10:56 AM

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