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    Ok, I do NOT have my Note 2 yet...so, this I have been trying to get clarification on this. I have a Samsung TV which is connected via ethernet to my home network. I have used DLNA apps with my MacBook Pro and haven't tried AllShare yet, as I had no other Samsung devices. This works just fine for the most part. One can also connect a Samsung wireless adapter to the TV. The TV is an 8000 series, 58" Plasma from 2010, I think. Great TV.

    Anyway, I have seen videos and read xda-developer threads on this...maybe I missed something somewhere though. It is not clear to me if AllShare can do this WITHOUT a dongle connected to one of the TV's HDMI inputs.

    So, my question is: Is it possible to mirror the screen of the Note2 on my home wifi with a (new or at least 8000 model, in my case) Samsung TV that is connected either wirelessly or to my home network via ethernet directly? Do I use AllShare in a similar way to the dongle videos (just sans the dongle, of course)?

    Dongle-wise, here is what I've seen so far.
    Here is a youtube demo with the Samsung S3 dongle used on the Note2...looks great! But, I don't want to get a dongle, IF my TV can do this connected to my home network!

    Someone posted this on AC forums as well...similar, using an MHL--

    Another AC forum post using the Note2 in various connections, from NZtechfreak -- Good stuff, though, using the dongle (or dongles, as he demoed quite a bit) as well.

    xda-developer forums had this slim thread, so, not sure if I didnt look enough around there...but, one person alludes that he has done this (geoux).
    What app can mirror or transfer my Note's screen to my Smart Samsung TV? - xda-developers
    11-01-2012 01:59 PM
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    Bumping. Anyone try this? I guess since the vast majority of people in the US do NOT have this phone yet...ahem...

    But, they did sell, 3 million so far, apparently...so no one has attempted this yet? Nov 7th cannot get here soon enough...or will it be Nov 9th (if so, I want my overnight shipping charge refunded by AT&T.
    11-02-2012 03:31 PM

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