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    Someone posted the manuals, which will help depict carrier model differences on the ATT thread The Owners Manuals for each version of the Galaxy Note 2 sold by the USA carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular) are finally available.


    Also, read the comments as others have chimed in on some differences between manuals (specifically the similar models like TMob and ATT). Of course, the carriers have slightly different status icons and minor things, but interesting to think about.

    This is what the OP of that thread wrote...not me, just FYI.

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    The Verizon Owners Manual is still not available.

    I know its no longer popular to read manuals - but I feel each of these are an important read for those who are still on the fence on choosing which version Galaxy Note 2 to purchase.

    Each carrier has set a unique feature set with Samsung, if you are details oriented you might discover differences between the phones.

    The USA Galaxy Note 2's suffer with a large share of carrier OS fragmentation !

    For the past month, the International GT-N7100 Owners Manual was my master reference for making the decision to buy this phone.

    But what I'm discovering is that some carriers (like AT&T) - have reduced the 140 page A4 size International manual to a 3" x 5" booklet, with far less details IMHO on how to operate the phone. If this was my only reference - Id be lost.

    So far the Sprint Owners Manual is closer to the International version feature wise

    But each carrier has a different culture, and enforces their own guidelines on these documents - and ultimately the actual features provided on the carrier's version of the Note 2

    In a nutshell, they are NOT all the same phones - so its important to browse each owners manual and see if that special feature you saw advertised by Samsung, is actually included in your carriers phone.

    You may have a particular need for a specific feature , and assume the only differences are the radios (CDMA/GMS/HSPSA+/ LTE) - NOT!

    Review the phone features offered by Your carrier first.

    Galaxy Note 2 Owners Manuals
    International (GT-N7100)

    T-Mobile (USA)


    US Cellular

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    A comment on that post also linked to an interesting spec page for the different US models:

    Compare Phones (Phone Scoop)
    11-11-2012 10:49 PM

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