1. dvdmon's Avatar
    I'm just a little curious about this notification that the battery is 100% charged. It says to remove the device from the charger. Perhaps it really means - "ok, now you can remove it if you want to" rather than "we suggest you remove it now" but it's pretty vague, obviuosly. I wondered this because there is also in the manual or getting started guide something about trying to keep the device charged as much as possible, or at least to not let it get too low if you can help it, as that seems to degrade battery life. Also, is there any way to turn that notification off? I haven't found any and would love to turn this off, as well as the notification when you plug the device into your charger...
    11-19-2012 09:54 AM
  2. aaronbuescher's Avatar
    I think on the Galaxy Nexus it used to say the same thing, to prevent from using excess energy. I dont think you would be able to disable the notification.
    11-19-2012 10:37 AM
  3. KahneFan's Avatar
    It's their way of "being green". Even if you only unplug your phone, but leave the charger plugged in, you will be using a slight bit of electricity. That's why they say to unplug the charger.
    11-19-2012 11:51 AM
  4. pkskier1's Avatar
    If you go to settings display/led notification and uncheck the box i thonk that will turn all the leds off.

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    11-19-2012 12:22 PM

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