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    Hi there,

    My dad picked up the Note 2 and is a little frustrated. He was typing a text message and got stuck on the S-Pen writing keyboard. I don't have the phone but I do own a S2 skyrocket. He said he could not see anything to revert back to the Qwerty keyboard. I tried the following with him:

    1.) Looking for something like a keyboard icon. Only thing available was the numeric keypad with mathematic symbols. There was no ABC icon to revert back to the Qwerty keyboard in the upper left or bottom left of the screen or anything that looked like a keyboard icon as seen in the manual. It was just a numbers 1,2,3 i think in a single button. Pressing that brought up the mathematic or number keyboard. There was a button in the bottom left that changed this but only to more symbols no letters...

    2.) Tried to select a different keyboard in the language / input settings menu but that did not work.

    3.) Tried removing and putting back the S-Pen but no success.

    4.) Rebooting the phone worked. Gotta be a way around this...

    Another issue is the NOTE 2 has Driving Mode enabled and someone calls him it does not announce out loud "John Calling" or whatever. He has to look at the phone taking his eyes off the road. And is there any way to answer a call in driving mode with the sound of your voice instead of having to touch the phone?

    I want him to love this phone as I'm a big android fan but I'm not having much luck.
    12-03-2012 01:22 PM

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