1. Schleefen's Avatar
    So I came from an iPhone 4s. Great choice but I had my i4s stock sounds and rings run bt only. My note2 rings thru both. Can I silence the phone while keeping full sound and music access in bt. I use blueant T1 by the way. Thank you all.
    12-05-2012 02:32 PM
  2. bigoldthor's Avatar
    I'm *pretty sure* if you put the phone on vibrate or silent, you'll still get a ring tone/sound/voice notification in your bluetooth headset. Have you tried it that way?

    I've used many different headsets, including your T1 and other BlueAnts, and I'm pretty confident they always rang through to the headset (or spoke to you if it had that capability) even when the phone was set to silent or vibrate. I just checked it on my Plantronics M1100 with phone sound set to Mute. It didn't *ring* in the headset, but it did give me the voice instruction that I had an incoming call.
    12-05-2012 04:24 PM
  3. snowboarder_15's Avatar
    I've got a similar problem with my gs3 and have been dying to figure out the answer/solution. I have been a long time iPhone user and the Bluetooth experiences with them have been nearly flawless. I stream music and phone through my car. With the iPhones, I could have my phone on vibrate mode (no sound from phone), but in my car when connected to Bluetooth sound could be heard from the car speakers as it should. It seems to me iPhone kept the phone audio seperate from Bluetooth audio. However with the gs3, it seems like the phones audio volume and Bluetooth volume are connected, as in you have to have turn up the phones audio volume in order for Bluetooth audio to be heard through car. This is very annoying to me because I like to keep my phone on vibrate but still would like Bluetooth audio to work in my car. DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS IS POSSIBLE??
    12-07-2012 05:04 PM

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