11-13-2013 05:21 PM
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  1. tuffy100's Avatar
    I use it for Draw Something but that's about it...

    Sent from my Galaxy Note 2
    06-10-2013 07:48 AM
  2. taniabonita52's Avatar

    This is why I wanted an s-pen... Because I can draw whatever I want. I think samsung should market this to the art community. I guarantee you so many people will jump on board with this device. I like it way more than my ipad. I'm actually considering getting a Note tablet to replace the ipad. Not sure yet. It just feels better drawing on this device that on the ipad... It's like... More fluid... More precise. That's due in part to the pencil style of the s-pen.

    Sent from my awesome Note 2!!!!!!!!!
    06-10-2013 12:21 PM
  3. Phoneguy108's Avatar
    The longer I had the phone the more I started to use the S pen. Like you dkhmwilliams I use it mostly for note taking.
    11-12-2013 06:08 AM
  4. sheffsteve1988's Avatar
    I think I used it once but that was cos it was new to me never used it since

    Sent from big bad Betty, my awesome note 2 GT-N7100 rooted on 4.3.1 beanstalk
    11-13-2013 05:21 PM
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