08-26-2013 09:45 PM
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    About the only thing that will get me to switch out my Note 2 will be a 7-8" tablet that makes phone calls.

    My first BlackBerry got me to stop needing to carry a separate phone, camera, mp3 player, and pda. Before the BlackBerry, I looked like Batman with all the things hanging from my utility belt. The whole prep of getting a smartphone was to carry just one device.

    Now, I carry my Note 2 and Nexus 7. As much as I like the larger screen on the Note 2, I still prefer my Nexus 7 for reading books, magazines, and blogs, along with watching videos. But that means carrying multiple devices again. If my Nexus 7 could be used as a regular cell phone, or if the US model of the Note 8 had phone capabilities, I'd get rid of the Note 2.

    I already use a headset most of the time for phone calls (so I can look things up, check my calendar, or take notes), so it wouldn't be like holding a '70s boom box to my head. I just want to get back to carrying one device again.
    I was thinking of getting the Note 3 and using it as my Phone and Tablet. I don't have a tablet now, so I was hoping it would be big enough (rumored 5.68 inch). I guess a 7 inch tablet is nicer for reading, but I wouldn't know - never had one.

    If they make a phone bigger than the Mega that can make calls, well, the bezel better be small....

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    08-26-2013 09:03 PM
  2. BobR1908's Avatar
    The Note 3. It is supposed to have a 6.3 inch 1080p screen. That would definitely catch my attention.

    from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, baddest phone on the planet.
    6.3 is way too big. Happy with the size of my Note 2 and wouldn't want any bigger.

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    08-26-2013 09:45 PM
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