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    Hello everyone. In the next few days we will post the details here on this Android site and our iBOLT website about our new forthcoming car-dock called "xProDock" that is designed for Samsung phones and the Note 2 in particular. It features pass-through charging and also the activation of the car-mode. Based on feedback in forums and direct from consumers we have designed this new Dock so it works with thicker cases type Otterbox Defender, Ballistic etc. The insertion and removal is also a super convenient with 1-hand operation. The steel enforced microUSB for charing is on the side and manually inserted, this to be compatible with all cases. The retail price will be $39.95 and it will be exclusively available through the iBOLT Amazon site ([url]iBOLT retail[/url]) or directly here on Android Central, the only external retailer to carry the product initially. It will ship by the end of December.

    As with all our other car-docks we have implemented a 17 mm ball joint on the back so if you prefer NOT to use our standard suction cup you can use any mounting arm or dashboard designed kit for Garmin (same ball joint). We are also offering the AMPS plate as an accessory for $9.95 for those of you that want to connect the dock to a ProClip vent mount, a KUDA leather mount or just about any mounting solution using the industry standard 32 x 38 mm hole pattern.

    The only challenge is that at least initially the car-mode will not be available and neither the aux-out through the microUSB port. As many of you have seen Samsung has disabled these features on the Jellybean update for many of their phones. We are in direct contact with Samsung and we are optimistic that maybe (?) we can get these nice features turned on again (it's a simple software "on/off" switch). The car-dock mode enables the user to install an application like CarHome Ultra, which when activated becomes the new "home screen" so when the user presses the home button it goes back to the car-dock app. This is very important as it allows the driver to toogle between GPS apps, music streaming apps like Pandora and quick dial buttons, for example. We'll keep you updated about any progress with Samsung on this through this thread.

    Sign up for the release information by sending an email to preorder@ibolt.co and you will be notified with a link later this week, including an "early order" discount. Feel free to ask questions and we'll keep this tread going once the product is shipping too... We are still deciding between gray color or black on the front, would be great to have feedback on user preference. Thanks!
    12-09-2012 10:26 PM
  2. vr002sh's Avatar
    I had this dock for my GSIII and it worked great. will order upon release
    12-10-2012 12:38 AM
  3. MrMLK's Avatar
    If anyone is interested, the link is wrong in the original post.

    Its actually: iBolt.co - Universal Device Holders
    12-10-2012 10:02 AM
  4. borgdog's Avatar
    Waiting patiently... or not...
    12-13-2012 03:16 PM

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