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    I'm stuck between this phone and the nexus 4. I went to play with the note 2 in store today and am happy with the size. I've watched lots of YouTube videos but was a bit let down when actually having a play with it.

    I was playing with the s pen and it wasn't particularly fluid, it was a bit haphazard recognising input and I'm unsure how much I'd actually ge able to fit on the screen. How many words are you usually able to get per line on the note, on average? In a notepad of similar size I could do around 5, but could barely squeeze 2 in given the sensitivity of the note. It also took a while to recognise finger input or home button presses which disappointed me. Can anyone take a photo of notes on their note(heh) so I can get an idea of what is possible?

    Is this because the in store model is likely full of additional stuff? I'm hoping that's what it is down to as I'd like to really like the note 2.

    I also cannot stand the background that Samsung chose to use in all the marketing photos. Has anyone got any photos of the note on a table with a different background? I know its easy to change, but it spoils the rest of the design and I can't imagine what it looks like with a nice nexus-esque background.

    Many thanks, this isn't meant to sound like a whinge but a genuine enquiry.
    12-19-2012 01:54 PM
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    12-19-2012 02:23 PM

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