09-28-2014 06:57 PM
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  1. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    Hi I am new to android. Been an iPhone user for years and just made the plunge yesterday and bought the Note ll which I LOVE!

    But I woud jailbreak all of my iPhones so I am not at all knowledgeable about "rooting" these phones and wonder if I will be able to install any of my eBooks that I have on my iPhone and iTouch, onto this NOTE without it being rooted?
    If I am able to how may I ask?

    I have a program on my mac called Calibre which i use to install them onto my Kobo reader and iPhone i just installed them through iTunes but I dont see any option in this program I have, KIES.

    So, if anyone knows how I might do this on my Note, please let me know and secondly if anyone could point me in the right direction for the best info on how to root these phones, Id appreciate reading up on it.
    Wondering if most android users root their phones or not??!!

    12-20-2012 09:01 PM
  2. KahneFan's Avatar
    Download the Kindle app then login?
    12-20-2012 09:17 PM
  3. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    Is that your way of doing it?
    If so thats not how I think it works for me

    I have an HP Touchpad that i have tgo slide them in....a Kobo that I had to send to from Calibre.......and the iPhone from iTunes---so not sure how signing on will help unless i am missing something? Is this how you do it?

    I have signed in but i dont have any books there

    perhaps is should mention these books were not purchased with amazon but i can still load them up on all my other devices but I am just not sure how to get then into my kindle app here although i can on other devices
    12-20-2012 10:03 PM
  4. Angry_American's Avatar
    Best way is to side load the books. That being said, try moon reader, it blows all the other reader apps outa the water. I have both the kindle and Barnes and noble apps and i buy books from both, but I use moon reader for reading the books.
    12-20-2012 10:47 PM
  5. TheOtherBill's Avatar
    Install the Kindle app, and if you have an Amazon account you can just pull them directly from Amazon. If your GN2 is registered as a Kindle device on Amazon you can email directly to it. Amazon.com Help: Transferring, Downloading, and Sending Files

    I have a few in mobi format that didn't come from Amazon. I just moved them over on USB. Works fine. These were not originally mobi, but rtf files from Word convert perfectly here: Online ebook converter
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    12-20-2012 11:02 PM
  6. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    Not sure what Moon Reader is but this is not a reader I am talking about but a new Phone, an Android, the Galaxy Note 11 which has a much larger screen than any other phone out there so its not a matter of my needing to buy a new reader for I do have a Kobo but I never use it and just use my phones---so i need to find a way to get them on this specific phone rather than buy a reader .

    Thanks though! ;-)

    I am assuming I will have to side load them, just as I do on my HP Trackpad with Calibre....but this Galaxy Note is really new out and there just isn't enough on it yet for me to find but being an android, I thought someone here might know how to do it.
    12-20-2012 11:04 PM
  7. taxi's Avatar
    Moon Reader is great on my Note 2. It's an app in the Play Store
    12-20-2012 11:40 PM
  8. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    I have a few in mobi format that didn't come from Amazon. I just moved them over on USB. Works fine.

    Ok and how exactly did you do that?
    12-21-2012 12:30 AM
  9. KahneFan's Avatar
    Look for an app called "Play Store", this is your Android App Store. Once opened search for the app referenced above, or any other app you may need. You can also go to http://play.Google.com on your computer's browser and find apps that way.
    12-21-2012 12:45 AM
  10. jneusch's Avatar
    There is a good chance I'm missing something here because I don't do this with books, but wouldn't be easiest to use something like Google Drive or Dropbox to have the books available on any device. I know you can store them locally from Google Drive, then use whatever reading app you want once the books are on the phone.
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    12-21-2012 06:29 AM
  11. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    i know about the Play Store. I dont have a problem getting apps, but cant seem to figure out this Kindle although I have been able to get around it on iPhone, HP Touchpad, iTouch but so far I just cant seem to get them onto this NOTE......

    These are not books I have purchased from Amazon but are technically my own.

    In any event, I have been in the manage your kindle page on Amazon and for the life of me I cannot seem to figure out HOW to email my books there---and i am far from stupid with computers.........
    12-21-2012 09:41 AM
  12. lostchild's Avatar
    Are your books already in one of the formats readable by Kindle app? Like .mobi? If so, just put your books in the kindle folder on your Note II and you are set. You could either transfer them using USB cable, or just email to yourself and extract the attachment onto your Note II. The extracted file will probably default to the Download folder on the Note II. You can just use the stock "My Files" app to move them to the "kindle" folder.

    The beauty of non-iPhone is that you could directly put stuff into your phone without any other software!

    Now if you really want to use Amazon to store your books in the cloud. You do have 5Gb of personal document storage. It will accept .mobi books. You could load your books using email, browser load, or PC load. The first thing you do is go to Manage My Kindle and setup your Personal Documents Settings. You will find it on the left menu. If you are using the email method, make sure you add your email address to the setting. Now you could just load your books to Amazon and they will be sync to your kindle app in the archive folder.
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    12-21-2012 10:42 AM
  13. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    If so, just put your books in the kindle folder on your Note II and you are set. You could either transfer them using USB cable

    How do i put them in?
    This is why I am stuck?

    When I plug my phone in through USB, it doesn't act as a drive.......I have no way of slipping them in so can you please just tell me EXACTLY how I am to do this?
    Yes.mobi format

    HOW EXACTLY do i get them into the Kindle Folder?

    This is what i am trying to find out...

    12-21-2012 10:56 AM
  14. lostchild's Avatar
    Okay.. lets just use Amazon. It should be easier for you. Go here:

    Amazon.com: Send to Kindle

    And pick a method and install either the browser or PC transfer tool.
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    12-21-2012 11:00 AM
  15. lostchild's Avatar
    This is what i am trying to find out...

    I see. I have seen people having trouble to get plug in USB as drive. I never had that problem. On windows 7 and XP, both recognized it without me installing any driver. I don't know why some people cannot see the drive, so I can't help you with that. If it is just a few books, you could get around it by just email them to yourself and extract them out on using your phone's email app.
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    12-21-2012 11:06 AM
  16. lostchild's Avatar
    BTW, just want to say that the Note II is the perfect Kindle device! It is about as light as a regular Kindle; you can hold with one hand easily, and you battery last forever.
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    12-21-2012 11:14 AM
  17. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    Ok, so following your instructions I now see there is a file i had to download, which would send my files to the KINDLE-------i never had to do that before with my iPHone so this is all new

    Ive set that up but its also telling me to REGISTER A KINDLE

    Problem is, I have several kindles......one on my touch, one on my iPhone, one on my HP Touchpad.and a Kobo Mini......so I am not sure HOW to register it to THIS NOTE?

    Bear in mind up until now i have not had to use Amazon at all for my books.......iver never had to go into this manage your kindle page before

    But yes I do agree this will far surpass any other Kindle I have had and up until now, this was the only phone that got my interest away from Apple iPhone, I do love it but its a whole new operating system than what I am used to as I am apple the whole way

    Im on a MacBook Pro and I had to download something called KIES that sits in my toolbar and I am supposed to drag and drop music film files etc into it but theres no where for ebooks but i dont think on the mac this shows up as a drive
    12-21-2012 11:27 AM
  18. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    it says, when I go to press send PLEASE CHOOSE KINDLE TO WHICH YOU WANT TO SEND YOUR DOCUMENT .....but of course there s nothing to choose LOL

    I keep going back into my Kindle page and hit on MANAGE YOUR DEVICE but I cant seem to find HOW to register this Note but I think that is the problem, that it isnt registered somehow
    12-21-2012 11:36 AM
  19. lostchild's Avatar
    Did you download the Kindle app from the Play store? Once you did, open the Kindle app and first thing they asked is your amazon account email address and password. Once you enter that, you kindle is registered and it will show up as one of your kindle devices on your manage kindle page.
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    12-21-2012 11:39 AM
  20. lostchild's Avatar
    it says, when I go to press send PLEASE CHOOSE KINDLE TO WHICH YOU WANT TO SEND YOUR DOCUMENT .....but of course there s nothing to choose LOL
    You need an Amazon account and login to it. And the devices that linked to your amazon account will show up. In order to link a device, you have to enter your user name and pass on the device's Kindle app.
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    12-21-2012 11:41 AM
  21. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    im goiong to delete and redownload as i am not sure what i did--------ok perhaps this is the problem

    i have an account, manage yur devices etc but i dont see any mention of WHICH device is registered
    12-21-2012 11:41 AM
  22. lostchild's Avatar
    Go to "Manage your device"


    Your note II should show up under Registered Kindle Reading Apps. And you didn't have to uninstall your kindle app. You could just go into setting and deregister this device and register it again.
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    12-21-2012 11:54 AM
  23. ShelaghDB's Avatar

    Thank you very much, it FINALLY worked. As much as I love this phone, I have to say that the iPHone was MUCH EASIER to install eBooks on but now that i know how to do it here, it wont be a problem and I have jut received the two I sent so far.

    I have 1.000 ebooks /sighs

    BTW, I am a member of a fantastic forum online that you an get all of the best sellers for free..........mostly but not always in mobi format, but I just use a program called CALIBRE that immediately converts them to whatever format I want, as well as injects all the information for them..........but the forum I belong to is free, although worth donating $20 a year to if one can........but a second forum there is full of peoples own books they have uploaded or if you need a book someone will get it for you, plus every month they have the NY Times best book list and each book is there.....etc

    If anyone wants the url to it, just PM me or send me an email through hitting my contact if you can as i dont want to list it here on the forum.
    12-21-2012 01:12 PM
  24. ShelaghDB's Avatar
    One last question as I have several monthly magazines in pdf format I might cosier reading on this bigger screen...........do i put them o my kindle the same way?
    12-21-2012 01:42 PM
  25. karsdroid's Avatar
    with that many books it would just be easier to connect your phone to your computer as a drive and copy and paste them into the kindle folder. i also love calibre it's awesome. i convert all my books to txt with that and us ireader....but everyone tends to find a reader that does the trick for them.
    12-21-2012 02:38 PM
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