1. Uristocles's Avatar
    Have y'all ever seen behavior where every once in a while the PIN lock screen goes off center (OK button no longer visible).
    I'd guess it has something to do with being in landscape when the screen times out or something like that.
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    12-22-2012 09:28 PM
  2. dcollinsrn's Avatar
    I sometimes gave this problem - lock screen gets off center while wsking up phone while rotating..
    Gave to reboot to get around it.
    Did you ever find a solution?
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    03-24-2013 11:37 AM
  3. StevoB72's Avatar
    I have the same problem. It's getting worse. I have to reboot several times a day. It's a work phone that requires a pin access code.

    10-08-2013 06:54 PM

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