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    Hey there, I recently purchased a Note 2 and love it / However Now ive put my simcard in and decided to use it as my main phone over my old iPhone4. I cant send any txts. The stock messaging app just crashes. I havnt managed to read any txts ive recieved as when the app opens it just comes up saying its stopped responding and what do i want to do. I tap Wait. and nothing happens for a few minutes then back to the Force Close screen. Ive tried HandCent. Which doesnt even start. I tap the icon and it just crashes straight away. Ive done a factory reset 3 times in the hope maybe 3rd time lucky! But still cant send or read any txts.. Very frustrating. I decided to transfer all my SMS's to my Note 2 from the iPhone as i have alot of important messages and this caused the app to Launch atleast.. then would just crash again. So Even with no txts in the messaging app it just crashes.. Then with all my old messages transfered. It opens.. Then crashes straight away.. Ive tried other replacement apps too.. None work.. Im actually very disappointed as this phone is amazing in every other aspect. My best friend micheal has a note 2 aswel. however he has no issues with the messaging problems ive described and he has 75,000 transfered messages and it runs fine!.

    Google searching the issue showed people saying if theres too many messages it will do this.. But even with no txts at all it just wont work!. Im sorry if im not all that clear!.

    What can i do? I mean ive done a factory reset.. I bought the phone from france.. and im in NZ. so i cant just send it back.. Like i said this is the only issue i have had. Everything else works miraculously!
    12-23-2012 04:30 PM
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    after you did the reset, did you try sending SMS BEFORE adding your apps back on? I'm no phone guru, but if it were me and I was super desperate, I'd do the factory reset, remove the SD card, load NOTHING, and see what happens. then proceed from there
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    12-23-2012 05:29 PM
  3. Kieran Buckwell's Avatar

    Okay guys ive seen the same issue before so. Regardless of what txts have been transfered or even if its completely clean. If you can get into the messages app even for a second Tap the capacitive touch button for options, then hit settings real quick. The app shouldnt crash or freeze on this screen, Look for Delete old Messages. Below that are some settings the default limit is 200. UnTick the Delete old messages button. Now hit the home key. Then long key press and kill the messages task. Re-open the messages app and wallah. The issue seems to be that if you have 1000's of messages transfered onto your device. The messages app has to look at every thread of messages and count back 200. Then remove all the ones before it. Now one guys post i read he had 60000+.messages backed up. So thats alot of thinking to do.Hence why it would crash. Now even if their are no messages at all. It trys to see 200 messages prior to nothing?.. I dont know but anyway this was my fix! Hope it helps others!
    12-23-2012 06:10 PM

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