1. ItsaRaid's Avatar
    I am kind of hoping one of the AC Editors will call Samsung and clear up what appears to be a wrongdoing on (Samsungs) part.
    When you register a new device they send you a 50% off coupon. I want to purchase the smart dock. Its been out of stock since they added it to their site. You cant get any tactile info, then all of a sudden lo and behold the magic words are stuttered..We are a separate company ( but with the same name ). The coupon has a expiration date.. which means your SOL.
    Thats not the nicest way to do business or treat customers. I have a Note2. If I go to verizon or att's retail store and drop $100 ive got a smart dock. They wont honor the coupon.
    I want the smart dock less the coupon. .. $50.00- why not, I dropped a bundle on their gorgeous phone. I love the Note 2.
    I printed 3 backorders for the smartdock.
    Its not my fault its not in stock. The should honor the placed orders and extend the 50% off to those who have documented proof they backordered it.
    Maybe Phil will get his nose in this one and see if he can help out. Maybe he can get some info as when it will be in inventory and just maybe he can get them to honor the backorders
    12-26-2012 12:14 AM
  2. TJB's Avatar
    Plus 1 Same issue. I called Samsung and they have can't give me an ETA. They said they would honor the coupon, but who knows.
    12-26-2012 11:34 AM
  3. ItsaRaid's Avatar
    I spoke with a Supervisor at accessories, and was directly told "No" . I then called Samsung in Richardson Tx. Their ECR staff also told me "No", once the discount coupon expires, they will not honor it. I suspect that the average consumer will not fair well in a argument with Samsung nor change their policies.
    Thus, I decided to post here in the Forum on AC. They have contacts with Samsung, and possibly can help. This is a fab forum and the Mods and Editors are terrific. I have derived more benefit from this forum and Editors than any manufacturer or carrier.
    I love my GN2. I must have the GN2 Virus, because the truth is other phones dont even ding me anymore. This is a first for me.
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    12-26-2012 01:24 PM

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