1. RPKS's Avatar
    Hi all. I just got my Note 2 (Sprint) yesterday. Overall, I am very pleased. However, I have noticed that the sound and alert noises when using Google Now (Google Search app) or when using built-in Google speech-to-text (i.e. anytime you hit the mic button either in Google Now to search or when dictating from the keyboard in any app) are VERY loud. They seem to be independent of the system sound as the Volume rocker has no apparent effect on the volume of these sounds. I am inclined to think that the sound files are built into the Google Search app or something and that is why using the volume rocker to change volume doesn't seem to work (although when volume is off or vibration only is on, then these sounds are muted). Anyone else having this issue? Know any fix?

    12-28-2012 09:39 AM
  2. Montigusto's Avatar
    Hi RPKS,

    I never noticed this before, but now that you mention it the Google Now sounds are fairly loud.

    I think the volume rocker only adjusts the ringtone volume (and other volumes that are related/controlled by that). To actually change the Google Now volume I had to go into Settings > Sound > Volume and adjust the System Volume slider. It still sounded a bit louder than what the slider would indicate, but hopefully that helps you out.

    01-11-2013 05:59 AM

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