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    As of right now it seems there are 3 choices as far as micro sdxc classifications in the 64GB size that are for sale.

    You can get class 6 which is the slowest and cheapest and supported by all
    class 10 which is slightly faster then class 6 but not a huge jump and it's supported by every new phone with an sdxc slot
    Then you get the UHS-1 class, this is the fastest spec available for micro sdxc until UHS-2 comes out.

    Here is my issue. To take advantage of the UHS-1 Class speeds the device must be UHS-1 compliant. If it is not it will revert to standard class 10 speeds. I have seen it stated that the galaxy s3 is not uhs-1 compliant which is a bummer but I have a galaxy note 2. I have not found any information on this compliance for the galaxy note 2. The note 2 is samsungs newest high end phone and I am hoping they are now uhs-1 compliant, especially because samsung makes 64gb micro sdxc cards that are uhs-1 with 70MB/sec read and 20MB/sec write.

    I'd really like to get these much faster performing speeds out of the micro sdxc cards so they run as fast and as silky smooth as internal flash memory does. As I have noticed on some phones operations on the sdxc cards are noticeably slower. I think with the 70MB/s 20MB/s Samsung micro sdxc the card's speed will be near identical to the internal flash IF the device supports UHS-1 transfer mode.

    I already upgraded my old usb 2.0 card reader to a usb 3.0 reader connected via 20 pin usb 3.0 internal mobo i/o and it is UHS-1 compliant, so all my PC transfers go at the proper UHS-1 transfer speed.

    Really hoping the G note 2 is UHS-1 compliant. If so the micro sdxc will never be the bottleneck. I'm still going to get the Samsung 64GB sdxc because my brother got it and it did not increase the speeds past the sandisk class 10 he already had in there as the s3 reverts to standard class 10 transfer mode. He paid 90 but will sell it to me for 50 which is almost the same price as a standard class 10 so his misfortune is my luck since I need a card anyways I may as well future proof myself, because if the g note 2 isnt uhs-1 compliant I am sure in the future maybe the s4 and g note 3 will be. I know at some point it will be a standard feature so I can future proof myself for almost the same price as a much slower card. I wish I could just test it myself but we do not live close

    I just don't get why samsung makes a super fast #1 speed UHS-1 card but then they don't even support that speed on the s3 and most likely the n2 as well.

    Does the note 2 take advantage of the 70MB/20MB (bytes not bits) UHS-1 speed of the Samsung micro sdxc card? Are there any rumors of this transfer speed being supported by the s4/n3 in 2013?

    It better be supported by samsung too. Why do they make such a fast card that can't be read at that speed in the phone? I want my micro sdxc card to feel exactly as fast as internal flash.
    12-31-2012 12:50 AM
  2. jdub1981's Avatar
    Sdxc uhs is made for highspeed dslr cameras not phones. This phone is not capable of taking high speed shots such 1000fps and therefor not needed. Having said that I have and sdxc uhs 64gb card in my phone and it works just fine.
    12-31-2012 01:01 AM
  3. laststop311's Avatar
    yes uhs 64gb cards work inside the phone but they do not operate at uhs speeds, they operate at the normal class 10 speeds. I think UHS-1 could be useful for a phone even if it's not for the super fast photography shots. The increased read speed would make accessing files off the card much smoother and more like the speed of the internal memory, which is faster then sd cards. Imagine browsing large photogaleries on it with all the thumbnails loading as you scroll through them fast. A card with 70MB/sec vs a 20MB/sec card the 70 is going to be a smoother experience.

    UHS is not ONLY for dslr cameras. It just so happens that only cameras, and new card readers connected over a usb 3.0 bus instead of a usb 2.0 bus currently support it. So the note 2 does not support it? Any word if the s4 or n3 in 2013 will support it? Also I believe most professional cameras that take those high speed shots use full size sdxc as the micro size is limited to 20MB/sec write speed. For example full size sandisk sdxc 64GB are rated at 95MB/90MB at UHS-1 speed. Those are the super fast cards used for extremely fast photo taking. I am talking about a micro sdxc card. Micro sdxc has write speeds between 5-20MB/sec with 20 being the fastest which is actually considered slow with full size cards.

    So what I'm saying is why did samsung make a micro sdxc card with these fast (for micro sdxc) speeds but not allow their phones to support it? It's not cause they made these micro sdxc for professional cameras that need to take bursts of photos as those cameras use full size sdxc with 60MB/sec writes+ which even the fastest micro sdxc cant touch.

    Any Galaxy Note 2 support for this transfer speed? If not is there a good chance it will be a feature by 2014 when I upgrade to the galaxy note 4?
    12-31-2012 01:09 AM
  4. laststop311's Avatar
    Well I guess I'll be testing it out. Getting 64GB Samsung micro sdxc uhs-1 70/20 speed. But gotta wait my brother lives in south korea, teaches english there :P. I'm guessing it will run the same speed as a regular class 10 sdxc. But I also believe phones will adopt this transfer protocol at some time.
    12-31-2012 04:36 AM
  5. AcemanX AcemanX's Avatar
    Well I guess I'll be testing it out. Getting 64GB Samsung micro sdxc uhs-1 70/20 speed. But gotta wait my brother lives in south korea, teaches english there :P. I'm guessing it will run the same speed as a regular class 10 sdxc. But I also believe phones will adopt this transfer protocol at some time.
    Man you are hitting it on the nail of my research, I am too, looking exactly for the answer to this issue, because however great that Samsung card is reading 70 writting 20, there's the fastest microsd card in the world, the Sandisk Extreme 64GB, which is rated at 80 read and 50 write but were actually benchmarked by legitreviews at 91 read and 61 write, which is insane, you are talking about almost 100MB/sec. The Note 3, coming out tomorrow for T-Mobile, is the worlds fastest most advanced phone in the world, it has several world firsts including 4k recording, Micro USB 3.0, and 3GB ram, these two would be a perfect match made in bleeding edge of technology heaven, but I for the life of me cannot find any info that says the GN3 is UHS-1 compatible because only then will we see the difference while browsing, like you said, hundreds of pictures in your gallery, that in a Sandisk Ultra 64GB in my Note 2 was struggling to load, oftentimes just showing black pictures until they loaded, slowly but surely..does anyone know if the GN3 takes advantage of the UHS-1?
    10-01-2013 11:49 AM
  6. AcemanX AcemanX's Avatar
    still waiting on some help in this issue
    10-04-2013 07:01 PM
  7. sireddie81's Avatar
    Looks like its not supported (not even for the Note 3). Checkout this thread:

    USB3 speed testing - xda-developers
    10-08-2013 12:27 AM

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