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    The thing is they're two different purposed devices.

    As of right now there's nothing I can't do on my Galaxy Note 2 with a reason of too slow of hardware. Literally it's just fast and I can't imagine experiencing "faster" anytime soon.

    If the S4 had a 1080p Pentile screen, I'd rather stick with my 720p RGB on my Note 2 hands down. Do not buy into the bogus pentile higher resolution claims. Pentile is an abomination and I am so happy that on a whim I researched the Note 2 and found out it didn't use that tech. It's the only reason I pulled the trigger on this phone and man was I happy.

    My honest recommendation? If you can handle the size (which you seem to not mind) and have use for the amazing S Pen, then I would say go ahead and get the Galaxy Note 2, enjoy it and sit on it for a solid year or two, and when it's time for your next phone get the Note 3. It will not only probably not have the shoddy Pentile screen the S4 will likely have (if it goes 1080p) but it will also treat you right with your expectations of a Note. Once you use this phone in your own personal life for a week, you'll never want a non-Note device again. I guarantee it.
    I agree 100%. The Note 2 is a totally different animal. I would go for the Note 2 again. A lot of the software on the S4 is pretty gimmicky as well. I wouldnt buy into to much of this new software stuff. Google Now does it all better anyway. I also agree with DaRk about the screen, The Note 2's screen is amazing. Its not 1080p but the quality of the Note 2's display is much better then the S4's pentile display. Ive had my Note 2 for months now and its the first phone ive owned that doesnt keep me thinking about getting a new phone or something better. Because I know there is nothing better. The Note 3 might be but thats not coming untill the end of this year. There is also so much you can do with the Note 2's S-Pen that you will never be able to do on the S4.

    Another thing is, I could not go back to a non note device. The Note 2 is the most feature rich device I have ever used. You dont have to use the S-pen and its still so feature rich its crazy. But then you slide out that S-Pen and you can pretty much do anything you could do on a Desktop. I love the fact that I can edit photos with such precision. There is way to much stuff to even list. I must add one more thing though. The battery life is the best I've ever had in any device.

    Im not saying dont get the S4. The S4 is more for mainstream normal phone useage. But if you want cutting edge, go with the Note 2. That's my imho but the facts are still facts.. There is just no reason to wait for a phone when you already have the best device you can get in stores everywhere.
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    03-24-2013 01:37 AM
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    I had the same problem but in the end the big screen of the note and the gaming power won me over and I habe been using the note 2 now for a week and I dont know how I ever got by without it.

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