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    I recently received an invite via email and open the ICS attachment. This created an appointment in my calendar. The ICS has a CET time zone.
    For some reason my Note 2 believes that Central Europe is "GMT+0:00" and therefore push the meeting to 12am, Amsterdam time.
    The email subject says: xxxxx (4 jan 11:00 CET)
    The meeting is indeed scheduled for 11 am, Amsterdam time.

    I never had problem with timezone with outlook before and this is the first ICS appointment I got on my recently acquired Note 2.
    See screenshot below:

    I also accepted the meeting request on my laptop (running mac os 10.8) : I opened the ICS attachment and it created an meeting in Apple's Calendar app. the time is correct: 11 am.
    I also accepted the meeting request on my desktop (running windows 7 with outlook) and it also created a meeting with the correct time.

    So looks like my samsung GN2 doesn't understand CET correctly (as it seems so when you look at my above screenshot).

    Has other seen this issue before? How can I solve this rather annoying issue?


    01-03-2013 05:16 PM

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