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    For those trying to get Wallet working on your Note 2, there's good news and bad news. The good news is it's entirely possible and I used it today to make a purchase today at Radio Shack. The bad news is that the method and stuff you need to do it vary. It depends on what rom you're on and what version of Android you're running. Also whether or not your rom is odexed or deodexed.
    I take no credit for this stuff, I didn't actually put up any files or figure this out on my own. What I did do was take steps that others had success with, where those steps did not work for me, and figure out how to do it with the tools and ideas provided within the thread at XDA. I'm linking the original thread here: [GUIDE] How to get a working Google Wallet - xda-developers

    I'm putting this here as a resource for our community. Again, I take no credit and want no thanks. I'll post the steps that worked for me and what I had to work with. Depending on what you have this may not work for you. I guess you could brick your phone. It's not my fault if you start hacking around on your phone and mess it up. I knew the risk when I did it, and you now know you will run the same risk of having an inoperable device. If your criteria do not exactly meet what I had started with, you should do a lot of reading before trying anything. To be honest you should go do a lot of reading anyway.

    To begin, my handset is model SGH-I317. The ATT varient of the Note 2. I am rooted and running Cleanrom ACE 4.0.5. Android version is 4.1.2.
    YOU MUST BE ROOTED to do this stuff. If you're gonna root you might as well throw a rom in there. That's my philosophy anyway. To each his own. I started with Wallet UNINSTALLED.

    Step 1: Make a Nandroid Backup
    Step 2: Make sure you've made a Nandroid Backup
    Step 3: Using ROOT EXPLORER edit your build.prop file in /system/ by clicking and holding on it, when the menu comes up select text edit:
    FIRST THING is to make note of the following areas
    ro.product.model =

    Write down what comes after the = on a piece of paper or something. You'll need to fix this later.

    Mine was as follows:
    ro.product.model =SGH-I317

    Change it to the following data:
    ro.product.model=Galaxy Nexus
    Save the file (root explorer will automatically back up the original file as build.prop.bak) after it is saved, rename the build.prop.bak to build.prop.bak1 in case you need it later
    note: what this does is fool Wallet into thinking your phone is the Galaxy Nexus which allows you to set up the app
    Step 4: Reboot
    Step 5: Push the wallet APK Paul at MoDaCo modded (included in link at bottom of post) to your /system/app/ either with ADB or through your computer desktop
    Step 6: Using Root Explorer, fix the permissions of the wallet APK exactly like this:
    Read = Owner Group Others are checked
    Write = Owner checked
    Everything else unchecked
    (the only thing I had to do was uncheck Group from write permissions, ensure yours is set up exactly or it won't work)
    Step 7: Move NFC.apk and NFCTest.apk (included in link at bottom of post) to your internal or external SD Card
    Step 8: Using Root Explorer, rename the NFC.apk in your /system/app/ to NFC.apk.bak then rename NFCTest.apk to NFCTest.apk.bak
    Step 9: Using Root Explorer, navigate to the SD Card you placed the files from Step 7 into and copy/paste them into /system/app/
    Step 10: Fix the permissions on the new NFC.apk and NFCTest.apk so they match what's described in Step 6
    Step 11: Reboot
    Step 12: Using your computer, go to wallet.google.com and set up your payment cards
    Step 13: Launch Wallet app from your app drawer, then proceed to set it up. It shouldn't crash or hang or anything. Once you're into the app (after you enter your pin number) go to the payment cards section, select the cards and set them up via the button
    Step 14: Reboot
    Step 15: Using Root Explorer, go back to your build.prop and text edit it, change the values back to what they were before you made them the GNex values
    Step 16: Save the build.prop and reboot
    Step 17: Go to the nearest NFC enabled store and buy stuff of low value to make sure it works

    Seems like a lot of work but it's really fast. There's probably a lot of unnecessary stuff in here as well but it's exactly what I did to make mine work. This will not work in all conditions, on all roms, or on all phone models. I followed everything they said in every way throughout all the XDA thread and it failed me every time. Those guys did indirectly get me the result I wanted though, so I love them.

    Paul's Wallet APK - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/70629581/co....5-r87-v15.apk
    NFC.apk - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/70629581/Nfc.apk
    NFCTest.apk - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/70629581/NfcTest.apk

    I can't stress this enough to you guys, this may not work for you. You might break your phone. If you have any reservations about doing this please go read more.
    I'll do my best to help those who are struggling with this.
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    01-09-2013 08:44 PM
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    You may not want any Thanks, but you're getting them anyway. At the very least you did a lot of typing for the community.
    01-09-2013 09:02 PM

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