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    I was so curious so i bought these small peripherals. And it worked!

    MicroUSB 4-in-1 connection kit (it has USB port, microSD, SD, MicroUSB for powering external drives) = $14

    + Logitech wireless keyboard with mouse trackpad. $22. (I was pleasantly surprised by this keyboard. Everything works. Home, Music and Screen lock shortcuts. Music controls on the F-keys work too. The trackpad is very easy to use. It has two buttons that are sized very well for me. I was most impressed that I can pull down the notification area on my GN2 using the trackpad while pressing the left button. Also, you can wake up and unlock the screen by left button+mouse swipe. Lastly, page scrolling works on the trackpad using two-finger motion.

    + Belkin 4 port USB hub. $4. Cheap.

    +USB drive ($40) and SD card ($38) :
    I connected the 64GB USB drive and 64gb SD card just to see how much storage I can have. It can read the USB drive connected to the hub but it cannot read the SD card at the same time that the hub is connected to the 4-in-1 OTG. I thought i can have a total of 208Gb of storage. But I ended up with 144gb (16GB phone, 64gb ext MicroSD on phone, 64GB USB drive). Still not bad.

    I ordered the galaxy note 2 smart dock and it should come in 3 days. Im excited to see how different it will be from this set up.

    I enjoyed typing this post on the wireless keyboard.

    4in1 OTG + hub + wireless keyboard/mouse + USB drive set-up-uploadfromtaptalk1358039347295.jpg

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