10-27-2017 08:49 PM
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  1. Gezuka's Avatar
    Does anyone know what would be causing my calendar to show up with the wrong day marked as today when I go into list view. This is happening on my note 2 and my wife's s3.
    GO INTO S PLANNER, SEE SETTINGS AND TURN OFF "Lock time zone" option.
    It will show the correct day always, although it may affect your reminders. So make sure you set your events and reminders independent of your zone settings.
    Good luck
    05-18-2016 04:46 PM
  2. Ashley Pritchett's Avatar
    Unchecking "lock time zone" fixes the issue
    01-19-2017 09:40 AM
  3. Anmphotos's Avatar
    I think the problem we are having is that we are all using icon packs that we have downloaded and not all of them have a live calendar icon, I switched back to the original icon pack that came with my phone and that shows the correct date now, to do this you would hold a finger down on your screen and at the bottom click on "wallpapers and themes" on the next screen click on "icons" then select the original icon pack labeled "default" and that should fix the problem
    10-27-2017 08:49 PM
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