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    First of all i apologize if i'm posting this in the wrong thread. I'm a convert from iphone 5 to note 2 and i have some question that i hope you guys could help.

    1.) Where can i find android games that aren't on google play?
    Before i switched to a note 2 i did some research on some games like The Room (not escape from the room) and Zombie tsunami and it seems like it's available on android. But when i go to google play and samsung app store it's not there. I dont know if im these games are available on google play but i'm just region locked (philippines store), the same way the iphone app store in the philippines have significantly less apps than the us store, but that can be corrected by just making a US apple id but apparently in android i have to root and do some more tinkering. So am i region locked out of certain games/apps or what?

    2.) Are there significant apps/games that are region locked in the US google play that i should root?
    Like what i said, are there exclusive apps in the US google play that are not available in the other regions of google play?

    Note 2 is great and i'm loving it but the only thing that's making me miss my iphone 5 is the great library of games/apps and i need to know where i can get some of the apps i cant find on google play so i can satisfy my gaming needs :P
    01-20-2013 05:46 PM
  2. tirith's Avatar
    I'll take a look at them, but unless the developer oks it for the dpi, version, etc, it may not just show.

    Edit: can't find them from my phone... try searching the play.google.com site...?

    Swyped from my Galaxy Note II on the Now Network
    01-20-2013 07:25 PM
  3. sterandroids's Avatar
    cant find it there i dont know if it's just region locked or what or its not really available. Thanks for your help man. Anyway, i hope someone can help me out on the 2nd question. It would really be a hassle if google play has region locked APPS. i dont mind the other services but i hope some good apps and games arent region locked.
    01-20-2013 09:12 PM
  4. aquafusiondane's Avatar
    Best you can do is to check the developers website and they usually have a link directly to the play store

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    01-20-2013 09:20 PM

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