1. bigoldthor's Avatar
    I'm looking for a full page widget that updates news continually, or at least periodically. My preferences are:

    1. A U.S. news source (no real preference otherwise)
    2. Customizable update schedule (or a low-data-consumption continuous feed)
    3. Can be set to full page size (although I have Nova Prime so I can adjust the size if it looks okay)
    4. Does not have a solid, unchanging text header, footer or any other part of the frame

    I'm trying to keep the screen up on display while my device is on my Samsung charging dock. I want to enjoy looking at it but avoid burn-in. I already see a small reverse shadow of my Google Play icon. Now I'm paranoid about leaving the screen on in any steady state for more than a few minutes.

    01-23-2013 06:18 PM
  2. bigoldthor's Avatar
    Bump. Anyone? Even if it doesn't match everything on my wish list, what are the best scrolling or updating news widgets?
    01-24-2013 12:30 PM

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