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    Any help here is greatly appreciated.

    I am getting duplicate records in both the sent and inbox folders.

    I have registered the device under gmail address #1 and then also added gmail address #2 to the "gmail" app.

    I then also entered gmail addresses 1 & 2 into the "email" app that also comes with the device from the factory.

    I mostly prefer the functionality ( ie: combined inbox view ) that I get when working with emails in the "email" app over the functionality in the "gmail" app.

    I would ideally like to keep both apps populated with both email addresses as I like to use one over the other under certain user need conditions.

    I suspect that if I use a disposable gmail address when registering the phone that I might be able to resolve this . . . have not tried it yet myself

    Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Note : I have done a hardware wipe of the cache - I have done a hardware reset of the device to factory settings wiping any user data and apps and have also replaced the phone within 10 days and that phone is also doing the same thing. I have reviewed and then re-reviewed all device and email settings on both the phone and the email accounts themselves and I admit I do not understand the OS as best as I wish I could.
    01-24-2013 10:02 AM

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